With the holidays long gone, this is the time I start wishing and waiting for the warm weather. I’m at the point to where I am having nightmares of strong cold fronts with blistering 20 mph north winds blowing all of the water out of our beautiful marsh. Not being able to feel your fingers after an hour of fishing gets old after about 2 trips; at least for me it does!

As we slowly approach spring, that means we have warmer days ahead of us. With this bipolar Louisiana weather, you never know what you’re going to get each week. A prime example was a week ago when we went from it being cold to 70 degrees within a couple of days. With that being said, my good friend Brandon and I took advantage of the warm weather that weekend and ventured out into the marsh. Waking up to a calm, warm and foggy morning; I just knew we were in for a great day of fishing. We loaded up the kayaks and all our gear and we were off to Terrebonne parish for a good time. When we arrived and launched, I noticed the water temp and level was perfect and the winds were calm. There were only 2 other trucks at the boat launch so we knew boat traffic would not be an issue. One thing that was an issue were the gnats. Please do not be that guy that does not have any spray!

It didn’t take long at all for us to get into some action being the flats and ponds were alive with tails and pushes. With the fog surrounding us, we needed those tails and pushes to rely on besides blind casting. The tide was just right and the fish had just enough water to get back into some areas they couldnt get to in a while perhaps. At about midmorning, the sun came out to play and cleared up the fog. It also provoked more Redfish to come out and play. Fish started floating high all over the place. We dealt with a lot of finicky fish that morning but also had some great action as well. Black and chartreuse was my go-to color until the sun came out. I then switched over to a more natural color as everything cleared up. The presentation had to spot on for these fish. They were not chasing a damn thing that day. You had to place that lure in the right spot and work it towards them. Anything else would either scare them or they wouldn’t show an interest. In this situtation, I normaly like to throw a 4 inch tube but I will talk about that in my next post.

When it was all said and done, it just felt great to get out there in the marsh with a good friend and enjoy the warm weather mother nature surprised us with. Thanks to Brandon, we were also able to enjoy a couple of cold beers during our breaks along with some good conversation. Soon it won’t be any surprise and the warm weather will be consistent as well as the fishing.