Some people are surprised when I tell them a flipping tube is my favorite lure to use for finicky Redfish. These soft plastic lures are no doubt extremely ugly, but they really do work if you fish them correctly. They are very basic with no fins or tails so they do not really produce much vibration in the water at all, which is key. It pretty much mimics a small crab, shrimp or type of crustacean crawling around on the bottom. Normally when the water is low and clear, Redfish tend to be more finicky and this is the lure I will always go to. The way this lure is designed, I can easily flip it into the spot I want to and make a quite entry into the water which is important. Allowing your lure to come in hot like a missile at war and make a huge splash will most likely scare the fish you are trying to catch.

Enjoying the fight on light tackle!

I personally like to throw a 3 ½ to 4-inch tube on a weedless wide-gap worm hook without the weight because of the flutter and action it produces. The tube itself has enough weight to it so that you can throw it accurately with no additional weight on a spinning rod. If you choose to go with a weighted hook, I recommend a 1/16 or 1/8 oz hook. I’m often asked, “how to fish it?”. It’s simple, I just start twitching it or begin lifting the rod tip up slowly almost as if I am fishing a worm for Bass. It’s one of the lures that for most part works best when it’s worked slow. The tentacles on these tubes basically work themselves even in the slightest current so it’s working while your not working. Another plus with these lures are the color variations. There’s so many different colors and companies to choose from so head on over to Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shops or your nearest tackle store and check out their arsenal. Some companies even make them scented in the pack already, but I just add some pro Cure to it and it works like magic. Also, make a note to yourself that they tend to rip fairly easy when you are getting some good action so it may be a good idea bring some extras on your trip. Just for the record, I am not saying that this is the best or only technique to use for finicky Redfish. I’m just saying that it is very effective.

Once again, this lure make look funny, but it can entice a fish into eating even when they are not in the mood. I call it my lazy sight fishing lure. A lazy lure plus a lazy fish equals an easy meal! Hopefully this tip helped someone, and I also hope to see you out on the water with a tube and Redfish on the other end of your line.

Tight Lines and God Bless!